Wednesday, 9 October 2013

AshtaChemma Pro


What is AshtaChemma?

AshtaChemma is an authentic Indian board game, played during ancient time. This game mainly used to improve hand eye coordination, and teach young generations about strategies and race during those days. This game is usually played by 2 to 4 people on a board of 5x5 square grid using 4 cowries – a special variety of sea shell. Each player has 3 coins (one being the parent and other 2 being the child, in simple terms) and make moves according to the cowries throw.

This game is called by different names across India, but here Ashta means 8 and Chemma means 4 in sankrit. Based on the cowries throw, players race their respective coins to reach the inner most square or the ultimate home. But many things happen during this course of race. People used to draw this game on a floor or slat with a chalk those days and play. Considering the development in modern technology and to take this to next level, it is now been developed for mobile users with all original essence.

This game can be played between any gender, age, ethnics and continents. It supports for currently iphone and iPod touch with iOS4 and iOS5.

Screen Shots:

Version 2.0:

This version has following features
1) Multiplayer Option Via Bluetooth with Voice chat
2) Multiplayer Option with GameCenter
3) Customize Coins Color and Naming the Board
4) Changing the player order
5) Selecting Starting the Player
6) Option to Save and Resume the Game
7) More settings
8) Middle drop Option during play
9) Adding Player in between Game
10) Integrating Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks.
11) Supporting Context Help and Detailed Help

Please feel free to send your bugs and suggestions at or add comments by clicking below comments to improve and make the game even better

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